Hotel, Restaurant and Bar service are active in all four seasons and every day of the year. The hotel is a two storey building with single or double rooms equipped with bathroom, shower, TV, Air Condition, FrigoBar. For families can be added bed for children under 12 without any additional cost. The surrounding infrastructure of main building of the Curative Centre Illyria become more complete with the 4 wooden villas with two rooms each that extend also their verandas through the pines forest surrounding. The restaurant cooks a rich menu of traditional Albanian but it's nice that kitchen team cooks also menu after clients preliminary requests.

The Bar service is available indoor or outdoor.

Parking is free for all customers. 


Accommodation at Hotel ILIRIA starts with a phone call or booking on line. You contact us and we prepare everything that you provide more optimal conditions. You can choose a room to stay in the main building of the hotel or you can choose one of the villas of wood as a relaxing alternative in an environment immersed in the middle of greenery.



Llixha Elbasan,

Tel:   +355 682078910
Mob: +355 682078910

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General Informations

Illyria is a Thermal Curative Center in Elbasan and it offers a combination of services such as those of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant but also provides thermal treatments including various therapies with Natural Thermal Waters and Mineral Mud, physiotherapy sessions and Massage Therapy . The center offers all its services with therapeutic character under the doctor's control, care and recommendation.