24 / 24 Hours Medical Care

Illyria center provides curative , control and medical visits on an ongoing process throughout thermal baths or clay mineral waters . The purpose of these visits is primarily to verify the possibility or impossibility of any patient or client before starting any curative therapy at Illyria Center . However Illyria curative center provides each of its host without any additional price a complete check up, particularly of all of them who might have disturbs with the blood pressure , or them who have possible heart disease , or them concerned with other disease that may adversely be stimulated by uncontrolled therapies or not studied specifically for customers who have health problems. During all processes or therapeutic thermal mud or mineral baths, there under the medical staff and all eyes follow the session. Cooperation helps medical staff and with clients before , during and after bathing ; This provides customers the luxury of a relaxing full- service maximum . The client does not need to make anything .

Sessions are intense and they are organized and conducted by qualified staff . Our commitment is to provide qualified assistance that meets the demands of customers who attend our structure thereby creating a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation but over all health benefit of the client .